Saturday, January 06, 2007

Balthazar's in the Hospital

He did not like being in the carrying case with the frozen peas, and I was afraid that his agitation would drive his fever up further, so I called Animal Emergency again and they said, "Bring him in."

We just got back from admitting him to the hospital, where they'll put him on IV fluids and monitor his temperature. The vet said, "We see these little guys all the time, and most of them do just fine." She said his fever actually wasn't high enough to cause brain damage (although that would be a concern if it went up any more). She also said that she'll be there all night, and I can call her for updates any time I get worried. Nice lady.

Gary came with me this time. We both liked the vet. We're both glad that Bali's being taken care of by professionals, so we can stop worrying about trying to monitor his condition ourselves. He'll probably be in the hospital for 24 to 36 hours.

I feel awful about the fact that he's going through all this, though. I hope it won't make him hate humans for life!

Update, Sunday 1/7, 5:30 a.m.:

I just called the hospital. He still has a fever: 104.5. So that proves that he really does need to be there, and that the high readings weren't just some fluke of our thermometer, as I'd been hoping/fearing. When I called, they were just about to try to get him to eat some breakfast.

Update, Sunday 1/7, noon:

He ate breakfast, which is a good sign, but his temp's now 105.3. It looks like he'll be spending at least one more night in the hospital. Poor kitty!


  1. I hope s/he will be well soon. And that you get some sleep and peace of mind.
    You did the right thing.

  2. Gee, Susan, this is so upsetting. Have you guys got any idea where he picked up that infection? All three of you are still in my prayers. Maybe you should ask the vets if you should disinfect the study where he was staying in case it is contagious to your other cats.

  3. I hope that Balthazar's fever goes down soon. And he gets back to his cute, super curious, jump and climbing self.

  4. Thanks, everybody!

    Lee: Upper Rsspiratory Infections are very common in cats adopted from shelters (so much so that the shelter had a special warning about them stapled to the outside of his adoption folder).

    Re disinfection: the study's still off-limits to the other cats for exactly that reason. I don't know how long the virus lives on room surfaces or if he's at risk of being reinfected; I need to ask those questions. Thanks!

  5. I am praying for all of you. I remember the time Julio was ill. It was very scary, and we didn't even end up at the animal ED. "Balthazar is lucky to have such a concerned Mommy. If

  6. Poor kitty! I hope he feels better really soon---I'll add him into my prayers, ok?

  7. Thanks, Nickie and BRN! All prayers appreciated!

  8. Poor little guy. I am so glad that he has such great parents taking care of him.

    I hope he is able to come home today!


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