Friday, January 05, 2007

Baby Balthazar!

Here is Sir Balthazar proudly celebrating a heroic conquest!

And here he is resting on his laurels! You'll notice that his fur's a little dirty; we can't give him a bath yet because his sutures are held together with glue, which will dissolve in water. So we have to wait 5-7 days. But isn't he adorable? Doesn't he look like a little bear?

Hey, Cute Overload has nothing on us!


  1. Cute. Cute. Really, really cute. He's gonna be just GORGEOUS all scrubbed and fluffy.

  2. Of course! He's absolutely adorable! Is that chocolate I see mixed in among the black fur? Have you settled on a nickname yet? How big is his purr? What is his favorite body spot to snuggle into? Has he met your other kitties yet?

    DVD bright spot, Serenity should arrive tomorrow so I should have something good to watch Saturday night! Has anyone heard anything good about The Good Shepherd?

  3. Hi, Lee! In strong light, some of his black fur looks chocolatey, and there's also a little gray-white blaze on his chest.

    He has a very large purr, with which he's very generous. Basically, when we touch him, he purrs (although that can be a sign of anxiety in cats as well as affection).

    He won't meet the other cats face to face until at least Tuesday or Wednesday; that's if he gets a clean bill of health from our vet on Tuesday morning, which was the soonest I could get an appointment. I'm not sure how long it will take for FIV/FLV results to come back. However, there's been some sniffing and vocalization through my study door.

    His favorite body spot, truth to tell, seems to be crotches. Gary and I were sitting on the floor last night playing with him, and that's where he'd curl up (not that he stayed still anywhere for long). Maybe he's part dog?

    Right now he's curled up in a small box I fixed up with some foam bedding covered with a soft terry washcloth. We were relieved to see him actually sleep: we were beginning to think we'd adopted a perpetual motion machine.

  4. I love him! I would give anything if I could have a cat, but my apartment complex won't allow it.


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