Thursday, January 04, 2007

Name that Kitty!

Baby Kitty is home, but when we went to the shelter, the clerk coughed and looked embarrassed and said, "Um . . . this kitty isn't a girl."

She seemed to think we might not want a baby boy kitty, which is ridiculous. We obviously aren't planning on breeding him, and who in the world could fall in love with an adorable kitten and then refuse to take it home over something as arbitrary as gender?

But now we need a new name. We like three-syllable names with literary connotations. Current possibilities:

Adama (a good BSG name, but may sound female to people who don't know the show . . . and yes, I know, that's arbitrary too)

Agathon (a neat BSG name)

Apollo (another BSG name, but a bit too ordinary)

Ichabod (a great literary name, and we can call him Icky for short)

Godzilla (he just did that rearing-up-at-himself thing in the mirror, and they look like monsters preparing to decimate Tokyo when they do that)

Balthazar (we're strongly leaning towards this, especially since it's almost Epiphany and Balthazar is the traditional name for one of the three wise men . . . and we now have three cats)

Votes or ideas?

In the meantime, he's running like a maniac around my study, already pouncing on things, and he gobbled down the tiny bit of post-surgery food he's allowed to have in about two seconds. And he's already very affectionate with people. He's going to be a splendid cat!


Never mind. We've settled on Balthazar, although now we need a good nickname. My mother thinks that "Balthie" sounds vulgar.

Little kitty has further proven his brilliance by chasing his tail, leaping onto Gary's sweater to attack the buttons . . . and escaping from the study twice, although he's only been home an hour. His vet appointment isn't until Tuesday morning. Oh dear. But if he does get out, at least our other two cats are immunized against FIV and FLV. We still don't want them to get upper respiratory gunk, though, and he has sneezed a few times.


  1. Ummm...can't something Tolkienish be found? I went looking but the name storm had stuck in my head and when I went into Tolkien names I got things like Numenor which is kind of a doomish sounding name. But surely something from trilogy or the tie in stories could be workable. (g) Originally I had been thinking of chaos, smoke or storm to find representative names. Still looking!

  2. Baltar for short, hee! (Or Gaius.)

    Happy new baby kitty! He sounds just fantastic. Enjoy your baby!

  3. How about Tazar or Tazer for a nickname?

  4. Hmmm, some possible nicknames: Bali, or Thazi, or Thazar, or of course Balthie.

    Oh to have the boundless energy of things (people or animals) that are young, to have that bounce in one's step that isn't accompained with a "I think I just pulled something".

    I'm glad the baby kittie is bringing you joy.

  5. How about Bizarre, Busy... What a great name!
    (ps- loving the sonnets!)

  6. Great nickname suggestions! :-) At the moment, our default seems to be Bali, but as Gary points out, all cats have many names, at least some of which have to resemble Cockney rhyming slang: "Balthazar-Walthazar" or "Bali-Wali" or "Tazar-Wazar." Yeah, it gets a little saccharine!

    We used to have a cat named Grendel, taken in as a feral kitten, and I took to calling him "Grendel-Bendel." Once when I took him to the vet for his shots, when he was still a tiny baby kitty, the tech lifted him out of the carrying case and chirped, "Grendel-Bendel!"

    It's always good to know one isn't alone!

  7. hey, Balthie is less vulgar than the first thing that came to my mind: Balzy!

  8. LOL, Kathryn! I told my mother exactly the same thing.

    And actually, "Balzy" describes this one's personality pretty well!


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