Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Baby Kitty!

We adopted a kitten today! This is Caprica. She's about seven weeks old and has lovely long fur. We couldn't bring her home today, because the Nevada Humane Society won't let animals out of the building until they're neutered. So tomorrow she'll be spayed and microchipped, poor baby, and the clinic will call us when she's ready to come home. Even then, though, they won't have done a complete health check on her (evidently it's not cost-effective for them), so the first thing we'll do is take her to our vet to be tested for FIV and FLV.

I'd seen her on their website yesterday; someone brought her to the shelter on New Year's Eve after finding her, abandoned. Poor little kitty! Gary and I saw her the minute we walked into the building -- she was in a big display cage with two other young cats -- and we spent some time with her in an adoption room, although of course it only took us about twenty seconds to fall irrevocably in love with her. She's very alert and very calm. She snuggled against my chest for a while, watching Gary; then she climbed on Gary; then she wanted to get down and explore the smells in the rest of the room. Gary said, "She's obviously a very intelligent cat," which is on a par with doting parents predicting that their newborns are headed for Harvard, but that's okay. She's our newborn.

She looks a little grotty at the moment -- she's definitely going to need a bath -- but she's going to be gorgeous when she's older, with that long black fur. We're hoping to start grooming her early so she'll get used to it. Now we just have to hope that the surgery goes smoothly and that all the tests for nasty illnesses are negative. (We'll of course keep her away from the other cats until we know she's healthy.) Her shelter name is Trinity, which I take as a good omen even though we're planning to call her Caprica.

After we left the Humane Society, we went to the fancy-fur place to pick up Gary's relined jacket (finally!). Going from an animal shelter to a store with racks and racks of exotic fur coats was a bit too much cognitive dissonance for me, I have to say.

In other medical news, Primary Doc has put me on the smallest possible dose of Effexor, in addition to the nortriptylene. She hopes I'll only have to be on it for a few months, and she did say I should go ahead and consult an actual psychiatrist too. I'll start that tomorrow: the pharmacy said I could have the name brand today, for $60, or a generic tomorrow, for much less. One more day won't kill me! And this stuff's supposed to start working pretty quickly.

I told PD that we were hoping to adopt a kitten today, and she beamed and said, "Oh, that's every bit as effective as medication!" She has two dogs and a cat, so she completely understands the animal thing. My therapist, with two new kittens of her own, does too.

I'll of course post better pictures of Caprica when we've gotten her home and had a chance to document her full cuteness.


  1. Caprica is so cute! She's a very lucky kitten. It's super hard not to spoil one's pets.

    Happy parenting.

  2. Wonderful news, Susan! She looks like a real cutie. I've used Effexor...it worked well with no strange side effects. Felt rather subtle...which probably doesn't tell you anything...just a gut reaction. (g)


  3. Congratulations on your new baby kitty Caprica!!! I absolutely agree, cats and dogs are the very best cure for whatever ails you. Though some good targeted pharmaceuticals are an excellent plan also.


  4. OOoooo. Soft. Pretty. Sweet. Mew!

  5. Caprica is simply precious!! Now, did I read you correctly that a generic Effexor is coming out? That would be music to my ears! Happy New Year to you and yours.

  6. Thanks, everybody!

    I panicked today about a seven-week old kitten being spayed, and then did net research that reassured me that it's safe.

    Terri, my pharmacist seemed to think that there's already a generic of Effexor. I hope he was right about that!

  7. Congratulations on your new furry bundle of joy!

    The combination of Caprica and Effexor should do the trick! Best of luck with both and I look forward to reading about it.

  8. I have to say that nothing brightens my day more than coming home and having Jody and my cat walk over and brush against me.

  9. Lea: Thanks!

    Christian: I trust the cat sheds more than Jody does? ;-)

  10. Congrats on the new baby. She's a cutie.



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