Thursday, January 11, 2007

Change of Shift, et cetera

The latest Change of Shift, the nursing blog carnival, is up over at Emergiblog. I missed the submission deadline for this, as well as Grand Rounds, this week, which means that my daily-visit average will be taking a real hit. Drat! Kim always does a fantastic job with carnivals, though, and I'm looking forward to reading this edition.

After my slow start yesterday, I had a very productive day. I got fifteen files read at the office, although I had to cancel a therapy appointment to do it. I decided that staying put and getting work done was more helpful to my mental health than the appointment would have been.

Then I came home and put together a draft of Carnival of Hope, since I plan to be at the hospital tonight. (The weather's foul again, though, so I may not be. For the last two-plus years, I've missed weekly shifts only for travel or illness, but after the experiences of the last few weeks, I may add inclement weather to that list.) It's a potent -- but small -- edition. There's still time to submit your own post: the deadline isn't until 5:00 PM PST, and since I probably won't be home tonight, I'm willing to extend that to 10:00.

The kitten is still extremely energetic. Thanks to folks who posted cat-medication tips yesterday!

And on that note, time to get ready for work. I only have ten files to go! Woo-hoo!

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