Friday, November 14, 2008

We're in SF!

Fran and I were at the hospital this afternoon when the resident walked in, smiling, and announced that Dad would be transported at 6:00.

It was then 3:20. I raced to Fran's place to drop her off and then raced home, where Gary and I put out tons of catfood, threw miscellaneous luggage into the car, and took off to try to get across the mountains before dark (which we did, just barely). We were treated to spectacular Sierra sunsets, and in Sacramento, I saw a huge, orange full moon rising in the rearview mirror.

Dad took off about two hours later than planned, and landed just as we were finishing a light supper -- I was ravenous! -- at our friend Ellen's house. We're now at her parents' house (they aren't here at the moment); it's a lovely place with Internet, thank goodness, so I can use my laptop and not just my Blackberry. This will make handling work logistics for next week infinitely easier!

Okay, get this: Dad tells me that the woman in charge of transport told him that if he's okay in San Francisco, he'll be discharged in San Francisco, and will have to make his own arrangements to get home. He was told that he can book a plane flight or take a bus. What the hell? First of all, one of the nurses told me they'd fly him back to Reno for rehab, which makes sense: lying around in an ICU for a week makes you weak, especially when you're 86! How can they tell him to make his own travel arrangements? If they flew him 200 miles for a procedure not offered in Reno, shouldn't they also be responsible for getting him home? Dad has family and resources, but what would a patient do in this situation if he didn't?

We would, of course, drive him, but I'd be nervous about having him in the car for four hours straight out of the hospital, especially given altitude changes over the mountains.

This has to be wrong, doesn't it? I said to Dad, "If this is true, I think it's terrible, and I plan to fight it." Dad said, "I think you'll find that they're adamant."

Well, one thing at a time. We decided (with Dad's consent) not to go to the hospital tonight, because it was too late. We'll go tomorrow morning. In the meantime, we're all safe and have beds to sleep in. Thanks be to God!


  1. Whew! Susan, I'm so glad you are there and things will get done now. Praying that all goes well and giving thanks for the safe travel and transport. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date on all of this and please continue to keep us posted.

    Peace! Hope! & Joy!

  2. Susan, you know what to do: grab the first available social worker. That's who will actually know about discharge.


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