Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Now It's Mom

My mother's in the hospital in Philadelphia with pneumonia and the beginnings of CHF (congestive heart failure). This is actually a relief to my mother, who expects to feel better there, and also to me, since she's been falling a lot and I've been worried. My sister and I have very different approaches to calling 911, and I got cranky with her yesterday because it sounded to me like a call would have been appropriate then. I'm glad she called this morning.

I'm also glad that my sister and I only have one parent apiece to deal with in person. Part of the rationale for Dad moving out here was to give my sister a break from caring for both parents, and right now, she must indeed be happy about that.


  1. I'm a frequent reader but only occasional commenter who's been following your story of your father's health issues since moving to Reno. And now this! An ailing parent on each coast seems a bit much for anybody. Bless you. You are in my prayers.

  2. Prayers being said for your Mom too, Susan. And I hope your sister stays well.


  3. I wish you and your family peace and as much good health as possible

  4. I often remind folks that we are never utterly separate from those we love and cannot be with. We are all present to God, and in God present to one another, however poorly we may perceive it.

  5. Have been thinking of/praying for all of you this week. This combination of situations has got to be so hard.


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