Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Family Update

For those of you following The Saga:

* I've recovered from the Awful Stomach Virus, and today I swam for fifty minutes, which felt awfully good. I also saw my psychiatrist today and mentioned that I thought starting therapy again would be prudent, but that I'd like to do something other than conventional talk therapy. Art therapy would be great. Unfortunately, she doesn't know any art therapists in Reno who work with adults. Pfui! Well, I'll keep asking around.

* Fran's movers showed up at the storage unit yesterday. The unit we'd rented wasn't big enough, so we had to rent another one. Because I had to work and didn't have time to rent a U-Haul and schlep stuff back and forth, we just made sure that all of her stuff got into storage. Next steps: 1) Remove from the apartment extra furniture Dad and Fran won't need, including an extra bed, 2) Move into the apartment the furniture they'll actually be using, and 3) Unpack everything. This process will begin on Saturday, when I'll rent a U-Haul which Katharine has offered to drive for me. (Thank you! I hate driving U-Hauls!) Would any local readers like to help us lug furniture?

* Dad's champing at the bit to get out of the nursing home, but hasn't seen his doctor since Friday. Once the doctor puts the discharge orders in, Dad can leave the next day, after the social worker's set up home oxygen, etc. But since the DME companies don't deliver oxygen equipment on the weekends, he'll have to come home next week if he hasn't made it home by Friday. Dad has, as he describes it, put out "an APB" for the doctor, and I spoke to the social worker, who left a note for the doctor asking him both to speak to Dad and to call me. Fran and I are just hoping that Dad will be somewhat politic with the physician, with whom he's furious, since he can't afford to antagonize the people who have the power to let him go home.

* The cats are all well, although very disappointed that the sick humans who served as such lovely soft radiators over the weekend are all better now. On the other hand, that makes the humans more reliable providers of catfood.

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