Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hallelu, Nevada's Blue!

Wow! I actually voted for a candidate who won! This hasn't happened very often! And he's the first President of a Color Other Than Lily-White! And he speaks eloquent English! And Nevada voted blue! Amazing! We're always red!

Ironically, Gary and I came home from a victory party at our friend Katharine's house to discover that the Obama/Biden sign in our yard was gone. But, y'know, that's okay. The person who took it can have it: we don't need the sign anymore. We have the real thing.

On a completely trivial note, I'm of course wondering what kind of puppy the two girls will be bringing to the White House. (I gotta say, I loved that moment in his speech; but then, I pretty much loved the whole thing. And McCain's concession speech was extremely gracious, marred only by the booing at the beginning when he mentioned Obama's name.)

On a serious note, I wouldn't want Obama's job for the world. What a mess he's walking into! I just hope he fulfills the emergency-worker oath to "leave the scene better than you found it."

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