Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still in Reno

This morning Dad said he'd been told he'd be transported in two or three hours, so I canceled classes and got all hyped up on adrenaline again.

Then it turned out that he wasn't going today after all. The good news, though, is that he's off the dopamine, which presumably means he can go to a telemetry bed and doesn't need ICU. Also, he had an ultrasound of his carotid arteries which came out fine, and he got a blood transfusion to boost his hemoglobin count. He loves the Reno VA, and says it's the best one he's seen.

I could have reinstated my later class, but realized that I'd hit an emotional and physical wall: I felt like I was moving underwater, and like my sentences weren't quite coming out in English, and like my emotional barometer was completely out of whack. (This is reasonable after a month of insane stress, right? I'm not just being a wuss?) So I decided to keep the class canceled so I could come home, eat a hot dinner, pack, and crawl into bed. I managed the hot dinner: the other two haven't quite happened yet.

I want to thank everybody for all the amazing support we've gotten. One of my grad students gave me a beautiful stone heart, made of a mineral reputed to have healing qualities, and told me she'd prayed over it for me and Dad and then kept it close to her own heart "to keep it charged up." I've gotten many kind messages from other students. My colleagues are being very supportive. Church folk have been amazing: I got a call tonight from my church friend Bonnie, who's a nurse and visited Dad in the nursing home, asking if she could do anything to help. She's probably not working tomorrow, and Fran's decided not to go to SF -- partly to deal with her own health issues, including going to a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon -- so Bonnie offered to take Fran to and from the doctor and also take her shopping.

And, of course, my blog readers have been wonderful! Thank you for the messages you've sent, both public and private. I told Dad that Terri sent extra hugs and kisses and that Lee wanted him to post on the blog. He pondered a bit and then said, "Well, you can post on your blog from me that all hugs and kisses are lovingly received."

It's nice to feel overwhelmed by support after feeling overwhelmed by stress!

I asked Dad how he was feeling about everything. He says he's doing fine, and that his attitude is basically that he'll go along with whatever the doctors want. Fran seems to be holding up remarkably well too, partly because she's so grateful to everyone who's helped us out.

I should go try to pack now, and then crawl into bed. Please pray that we finally make it to the city tomorrow!


  1. Hah! Then I'm sending hugs & kisses too. :)


  2. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Dear Susan,

    Point a - of course you are not being a wuss! Anyone else might have canceled more classes more often over the last month - and if that hypothetical person were in your shoes, she would not have been a wuss either!!

    Point b - praying for you and your father that the trip happens soon and goes well.

    Point c - so glad to hear that your friends are rallying around. Prayers of thanks for them as well.


  3. "O Father of mercies and God of all comfort, our only help in
    time of need:" this is the text on the hanging in my hospital's chapel.

    O Father of mercies and God of all comfort, our only help in
    time of need: care for Susan, her father, all of her family, and help all of us concerned about them reflect your love to them. Guide the minds and hands of caregivers that they may serve according to your will and become channels for your grace.

  4. Yes, absolutely, prayers for a safe trip, and hugs and kisses PRN for all!!! Susan, when reading the psalms, you'll find some that feel very familiar about now. The psalms that oscillate with dizzying speed from praise to lament and back have just the roller-coaster quality that you are experiencing. Pace yourself... laugh when possible.


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