Monday, November 10, 2008

Road Trip

Dad was doing much better this morning: so much better that he'll be airlifted to San Francisco as soon as they can find a bed for him and arrange transport. That could happen as soon as this evening.

They'll do the cardiac-cath procedure there, too. They'd have to repeat it there anyway, and they don't want him to have two, since the dye puts pressure on his already compromised kidneys.

He has a 70 percent chance of surviving the surgery, but if he doesn't have the surgery, his chances of living another two years are only 50 percent, and his quality of life will be poor. Of course, his quality of life will be poor right after the surgery, too, but it represents his best hope of ever feeling better.

I'm waiting for the VA to call and tell me when the transport is happening. I have no idea how long I'll be gone, of course, which makes arranging for class coverage a bit dicey, but I'll figure something out in the next hour or two.

If there isn't a bed at the San Francisco VA, he may go to the one in Palo Alto. In that case, we'd probably still stay in the city, although of course the drive to the hospital would be much longer and hairier. We're greatly blessed by the fact that one of my best friends lives in San Francisco, and her parents have a house there which they aren't using at the moment, where she's told us we're welcome to stay. (Thank you, Ellen!)

I'll post specifics when I have them. In the meantime, Gary's home doing laundry and packing, and I'm at work, clutching my cell phone.

Please pray for good weather. I hate driving in any amount of snow, but snow over Donner Pass can close I-80.

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  1. Susan, this sounds hopeful! I'll keep on praying for all things to go well and that your spirits stay up too. Thank goodness for friends and good husbands.



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