Monday, November 10, 2008

Hope and Healing

Today is the Grand Opening of Hope and Healing, the website about faith and wellness for which I'm writing a monthly column called "Bodily Blessings."

If you go to their homepage, you'll see a link to my first column, which is about knitting. This piece is very dear to me, and the timing of the publication is poignant. Tomorrow's the first anniversary both of Bill's death and of the scattering of Scott's ashes. (Tomorrow's also my and Gary's thirteenth wedding anniversary, the nineteenth anniversary of the day we met, and Bali's second birthday . . . and Veteran's Day, of course. Talk about a bittersweet occasion!)

I hope you enjoy the column, and the rest of the site.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Susan & Gary! Twice even. (G) And Happy Birthday, Bali!

    Very nice web site, Susan! I sent it along to a friend who helps out with Community of Hope training which all my church's Lay Ministers take if they want to take communion to someone who can't be at church because of illness.

    Peace! Hope! & Joy!

  2. Anonymous4:50 AM

    Happy belated anniversary and birthday, Susan and Gary, and Bali! November 11 for me is now the day that I moved into my first house for the first time - I spent my first night there last night and my first morning there this morning. How nice, to have so many occasions to celebrate in the middle of everything else,



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