Friday, December 07, 2007

A Worthy Campaign

Lee, who has a pretty good feel for my politics, sent me an e-mail about one of the latest action alerts from the Episcopal Public Policy Network. They're supporting a bipartisan bill called The Second Chance Act to develop reentry programs for prisoners.

I've listened to inmates in the ER talk about how scary and hard it is to get out of prison and have nowhere to go, no one to offer help, no new skills to use to get a job. I have many friends who do prison ministry, and who are very disheartened by the cuts in education programs inside prisons. No wonder so many people go back to their old ways when they're released! This bill could help a lot of them.

EPPN has provided a handy online letter, which you can edit and personalize; EPPN will send it to your elected representatives, urging them to back the bill.

My liberal friends often lament the fact that the Christian Left isn't as politically outspoken as the Christian Right (although I imagine this bill will appeal to at least some people in both camps). This is a good way for the Lefties among us to make ourselves heard. The EPPN website has a lot of information about other causes, too.

Social justice is one of the pillars of authentic faith, Christian or otherwise. Oddly enough, it's also good politics. Who knew?


  1. Susan, Thanks for posting about this and also for linking to me. (G)

    My college roommate married an ex con. So did my sister-in-law. Their situations are tough. Sadly, the time spent in jail often doesn't teach them better decision making or job skills. I hope this program does both!


  2. Anonymous12:53 AM

    Thank you for making it so easy to do something helpful,


  3. Thank you Susan, for the link to this letter. As a fellow Episcopalian, I was happy to fill it out and send it. I wonder if they have a non-denominational version, for those who would be more likely to fill it out if it did not list a religious affiliation?

  4. John, nice to "see" you again! The sender can edit the letter to remove the denominational language.

  5. P.S. Oh, and Jean -- the person to thank is Lee, who let me know about this! :-)


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