Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Today's Knitting Discovery

The lowly safety pin makes an excellent stitch marker: you can slide it on and off the needle or open it to insert it between stitches, and when you're not using it as a stitch marker, you can use it for other things. And you can acquire many of these at a time very inexpensively.

Before I discovered the magic of safety pins, I'd been using supermarket twist ties, which work fine too. So why do people spend money on fancy stitch markers?

Katharine said, "Because somebody decided to sell them." Unless I'm missing something (always possible!), this is a fine example of the triumph of marketing over common sense.

Gary's balaclava is coming along: I've finished the ribbed neck portion and, with Katharine's advice on how best to redistribute stitches among needles, have started knitting the back and sides. It may even, fingers crossed, be done for Christmas, although Gary's been following my progress, so it won't be a surprise!


  1. Congratulations on making so much good progress on Gary's gift. If I remember correctly, safety pins can also be used to hold your stitches in place and keep the work from unraveling if you should for some reason need to take the work off the needles. I seem to remember a row of them doing this when I was learning how with Aunt Miki.


  2. I love my fancy stitch markers just 'cause they're pretty. They are definitely more expensive than safety pins, but I buy the beads and make my own, so they are not too pricy.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the balaclava when it is finished.

  3. I like the fancy stitch markers because they have a little heft to them. Before I got them, I was constantly losing the cheap stuff I was using in their place. These slide easily (don't catch on things), look pretty, and I don't lose time by losing them and the marked area in my knitting.


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