Friday, December 14, 2007

Buffy-Pup is Growing Up!

Buffy's new mom sent me a set of photos a week or so ago: she's still an adorable puppy, but she's definitely getting much, much bigger!

I wonder if she's going to be one of those dogs who always think they're lapdogs. I imagine that Nancy and Gene will train her better than that, though. Some friends of ours have a beagle (a large beagle) whose idea of bliss is jumping into your lap and thwapping your face with his tail. He's a sweet dog, but the tail's a bit much.

And here's another. What a good puppy!

I still hope she's going to be a therapy dog someday. If I'm ever in the hospital, I definitely want a visit from a Golden Retriever, or some other large dog with floppy ears.

A visit from a cat would be even better, but so many people are allergic that I don't think they're allowed in hospitals. I've never heard of a hospital therapy cat; have you?


  1. Isn't it amazing how they change as they grow? Dogs are wonderful members of a family. Your friend is obviously in love with Buffy. Great combination.


  2. Its amazing how much good a big, friendly dog can do for a patient.

    My daughter had to have her appendix out when she was 16 on Thanksgiving day... Her only real memory of the day (good surgery drugs) is of a huge, beautiful Irish Setter that perched with her and let her pet her. The volunteer with her even gave us a polaroid picture of the two of them together...

    What a memory!

  3. Actually, just the other day, I was walking through the hospital when here came a woman with a dog (Italian Greyhound?) on a leash and pushing one of the shopping-cart-like-thingies that is use by philbotomy (two shallow baskets, one about waist height). In the top basket was a pillow, and on the pillow was the most beautiful, regal soft, long-haired gray cat (looked to be in the Norwegian Forrest cat/Maine Coon cat family). I don't know how they deal with allergies, but he was definitely going patient visiting. The person with them was very sweet too. When a few of us gathered around, hesitating she said "go ahead and pet him, he's here for everyone."


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