Friday, December 21, 2007


Mom had her colonoscopy this morning -- and an endoscopy at the same time -- and the doctor says that everything looks more or less okay, allowing for age and preexisting diverticulosis. He doesn't see anything dire, anyhow, although he did take some biopsies. So this is a huge relief, even though it also means that we don't have an answer about her lack of appetite.

Meanwhile, I told folks at the hospital about the lovely card, and -- although it really is a lovely card -- they're a bit perturbed. No one there would have given out my last name or home address, and we can't figure out how the family got it (especially since my last name was misspelled). So I'm going to write back to the family and ask. Everyone at the hospital said, "Let us know when you find out, please, because if there's a security leak here, we need to know about it."

Knitting-wise, I'm about fourteen inches into a very pretty shawl for myself, and about five inches into a balaclava for myself; that one isn't turning out as well as Gary's did, but it's for me and doesn't need to be perfect, so I'm going ahead with it anyway.

Tasks for today and this weekend:

Write recommendation letters for students.

Start writing my annual performance summary.

Write my Christmas homily.

Work on Faith&Health columns.

Answer ten zillion e-mails.

Wrap Gary's Christmas gifts.

Clean my study, at least to the extent of being able to see the surface of my desk again.

We'll see how much of this actually gets done! But right now, I need to swim.


  1. They probably saw your picture on a book jacket.

  2. Hi, Ken! None of the current books include my photo, and none include my address.

    It's a puzzlement!

  3. I'm so very glad to hear about your mum!

    Enjoy your swim!

  4. Thanks for the update on your mother. I'm glad the test came back negative. I'll keep praying.

    Wow, from blessing to possible curse on the card. Please let us know what you find out.

    Creations by Susan! :)



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