Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nummy Treats

We've resumed DVD nights on Friday; we've just started watching the second season of Battlestar Galactica. Our friends usually bring snacks and beverages, and this week, folks were especially generous. Our friend Marin brought some of her favorite dark-roast Ethiopian coffee for us to try, in addition to a 70% dark chocolate bar with orange, and some particularly tasty chips. Our friend Rob brought chocolate-chunk cookies (for everybody) and some alcohol-free wine (for me), and our friends Katharine and Jim brought fresh tomatoes and another variety of alcohol-free wine.

Yesterday, Gary and I finished Rob's cookies after a dinner which featured Gary's new soy-cheese French-bread pizza. This was such a hit with both of us that we're now thinking of buying pizza dough and a pizza stone for the oven. (The fact that dairy products send my sinuses into instant-infection mode is one of the great griefs of my gastronomic life.)

This morning, after last night's pigout on pizza and cookies, I discovered that my weight had gone up yet again. Duh! That discovery, plus a load of grading, sent me into a funk; I managed to pull myself back into happy land with a bit of aromatherapy, thanks to the lovely lavender salve my friend Sharon brought over for me yesterday. (Lulu seems to be doing better. Yay!) I also got the grading done, using nearly all of Marin's chocolate bar as fuel.

The forecast for the waistline is grim indeed. But I wonder if part of the funk is decreasing daylight: it may be time to drag the lightbox out of the garage. That was a gift from Rob, too.

My friends are very good to me! Thanks, y'all!

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