Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Fun with Cats

My posting's been spotty this week because I'm beyond crazed at work (it's good crazed, but still crazed!). As a result, my brain's been oatmeal. However, last night Gary and I found this delightful object in the stairwell, halfway between the second and first floors of the house, and I just had to take photos. I know they're a bit underexposed: sorry about that!

Evidently a Very Sneaky Someone -- or Someones -- wrestled the roll off the cart in the guest bedroom, had his or their way with it, and then fought it down the stairs. Toilet paper vandalism: it's not pretty. (D'you suppose they're practicing for Halloween?)

As you can see, though, Figaro and Harley completely deny any guilt. "Gosh! How'd that get there? We sure didn't have anything to do with it, nosirree. Nope. Not us. We've never even seen that roll of toilet paper before. We are not the cats you are looking for.

"And anyway, if it had been us, the toilet paper would have started it! We would have been acting purely in self-defense!"

Meanwhile, Bali's all: "What're you looking at me for, huh huh huh? I get blamed for everything around here! It's not fair! I never do a thing! It's all that neighbor cat's fault, the gray and white one! Oh, when you're awake, all he does is traipse through the yard and look smug, but when you're asleep, watch out! He breaks into the house and vandalizes the toilet paper! And he eats all our food! All of it! That's why we have to wake you up at 5:00 a.m. by jumping on your stomachs, because the Evil Neighbor Cat has eaten all our food! And those hairballs you find hawked up on the rugs? His! All his! I swear it! Do a DNA test, you don't believe me!"

Elsewhere in the animal kingdom, I've been working on planning our animal blessing service on October 7. I've been asked to preach that day ("Susan, will you preach about animals?" Whaddya kidding? Half the time, I preach about animals even when you don't want me to!), and I'm helping with the blessing, too. Instead of having it between or during services, we'll be having it at 4:00 in the afternoon.

The vestry has approved my recommendation that our loose-plate offering that day be donated to the Nevada Humane Society; I'm hoping that someone from the Humane Society can attend the blessing to receive the donation in person, although I'm sure they'll be in great demand from other churches that day.

I also, after a fair amount of hunting, found these lovely Saint Francis medals on the Bless Our Pets site. I originally thought I couldn't afford them, so I was looking at some much less expensive, much more generic medals; the problem with those, though, was that they weren't guaranteed pet-safe, and I was afraid they might contain lead. (I'd asked my vet about this and been told to avoid lead and copper.)

So yesterday afternoon I went back to Bless Our Pets, who specify that their medals are pet-safe. Lo and behold, I discovered that I could order in bulk, which brought the price down to $1.00 per medal plus shipping. This was still more than I'd wanted to spend, but the medals are so pretty that I decided to go for it anyway. But by the time I learned about the bulk-order possibility, the medals wouldn't arrive in time, given the three-week delivery timeframe mentioned on the website, especially since I figured they'd be swamped with other orders.

So I sent a frantic e-mail asking if I could arrange for a FedEx shipment. I included my home and work numbers, but figured I probably wouldn't hear anything useful in time, since this surely has to be an extremely busy time of year for this company.

O ye of little faith! When I got back from my swim this morning, I had a message on our home machine from Carol of Bless Our Pets, who told me that she'd ordered an extra 100 tags to meet the seasonal demand and could ship them to me Priority Mail on Monday -- but that she'd have to hear from me soon, before other people ordered them. She'd also left a message for me at work and sent me e-mail.

It's three hours later where she is in Tennessee than it is here, so I called her right away, afraid that I was already too late. But she told me, "I was planning to hold them for you for another two hours," and when I asked what the medals are made of, she told me that they're silver -- and thus very pet-safe! -- and can also be engraved on the back.

Thank you, Carol! And I think that's a very reasonable price for silver.

So I'm quite happy. The tags won't come with collar hooks, but folks at church can acquire those on their own if they want them; lots of critters, after all, don't even wear collars.

I especially like this medal because it includes a turtle. Our friends Ned and Janet have a box turtle named Myrtle, and they bring her to be blessed every year. So the medal's appropriate for her, too!


  1. Myrtle has been visiting around the office lately as she has a bit of an eye infection that won't go away. But other than that she is doing fine.

  2. In my time as an Anglican cathedral chorister, I sang a couple of St. Francis day masses. Although the mass setting itself wasn't particularaly inspired, and the liturgical dancers were execrable, I loved the procession, and I loved the idea. The joy and energy in the Cathedral on those days was particularly inspiring and moving. Thanks for reminding me. May you and your furry companions be blessed!


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