Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cute Critter, and Knitting Update

Here's the bunny who was in our neighbor's yard yesterday afternoon. I tried to get closer, but of course he took off.

This morning, I taught myself to cast on, knit, and purl! At least, I think I'm doing everything right. At the moment, I'm using some really junky ribbon/yarn my sister and I got at the dollar store, with chopsticks as knitting needles. I have the stitches down (I think). I'm having some trouble switching between knit and purl, but I gather that's to be expected. The process will undoubtedly be easier when I'm using the proper equipment!

After dinner tonight, I may go to a craft store and try to pick up some real needles to practice with, so I'll be ready to start my first shawl when my mail-order supplies come.

Knitting is fun! I love it! Gary and my mother are very encouraging; my father's exasperated. "When are you going to find time for this, with everything else you're doing?" Well, I don't know, but it's really relaxing, so I'll do the best I can.

Oh, and my polyester suit came today and fits perfectly. Yay!


  1. Susan, those chopsticks are a clever idea. Good job! I always had problems with the gauge and getting my knitting to be smooth and even. Let me know how you manage that please.

    When you pray today please pray for me. I have a new classroom, the old one didn't work. Lots of pressure. And a bad cold on top of this, no doubt from the stress.


  2. eaquaelegit8:38 PM

    If you are using the pattern and materials from the Lion Brand page you linked to, beware of the yarn. The "Homespun" yarn is difficult to work with, especially for a beginner. I'd highly recommend using a different yarn at first. Also, make sure you check the skeins when you get them. I had two skeins of the same Homespun look wildly different from each other, even tough they were supposedly from the same dye lot. It made for a strange-looking shawl.

  3. Lee -- You've been in my prayers! How did it go?

    Eaquaelegit -- Thanks for the warning! I am using the Homespun, because I think it's so pretty, but I've switched to another Lion pattern that's all knit, so I don't have to worry about purling. If I get too tangled up, though, I'll get different yarn!


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