Thursday, September 27, 2007

Use the Force, Luke! (You too, Matthew, Mark, and John!)

This bit of fun courtesy of my friend Arthur Chenin at UNR, who got it from a friend's LiveJournal.


  1. Oh! I've made exactly that response to exactly that benediction (if I may call it that) on more than one occasion, because in our church (Lutheran) we had that call and response too. And I know a lot of sci-fi people.

    It's very strange to hear those words coming out of your mouth before you know what's even going on.

    "And also with you" should be the official response to "May the force be with you," I think. Then I wouldn't be so embarrassed!

  2. Just doing my bit to add a little bit of surreality to everybody's day. :)

  3. Ha!1 That's fantastic. *Runs off to share with my Catholic friends*

    My best friend is Catholic and i went to Catholic school. She recently went as my date to a friend's wedding at a UCC church. The minister started off with "The peace of the Lord be with you all," and my friend and i both had to bite our tongues rather quickly when we realized that no one else was responding "And also with you."

    And excellent title for this post, by the way. (:


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