Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Old Home Week

In the past week, I've gotten e-mail from two of my TAs from my first semester of college.

My English TA, who was a graduate student then and is now a professor at another school, contacted me because he's on a tenure-and-promotion committee, and a question came up about a candidate's science-fiction publication. He didn't know how to evaluate the magazine (is it peer-reviewed? is it any good?), and e-mailed me to ask about it.

My Physics for Poets TA -- yes, I really took this course! -- is living in Europe now, and has stayed in touch sporadically over the years. He e-mailed me because he'll be in Reno for a conference in November and wondered if he could get together with me and Gary.

I've known both of these guys since freakin' 1978. That's almost thirty years.

Gracious, I feel old!

But I'm also genuinely touched that both of them remember me and went to the effort of contacting me.


  1. That is so cool! A while back I had lost contact with my college roommate. She found me on classmates.com and we reconnected. I was thrilled to hear from her. She even had an old picture of us when we were young which she shared with me. Congratulations on maintaining longterm relationships.


  2. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Oh Susan, you feel old. How about MY 50th high school reunion? My plants doing fine, thank you. How is yours?



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