Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Lulu Update

Inez asked how Lulu's doing. Short answer: she's no better, but seems no worse. I think the shadier location is better for her; thanks for that tip, Beach Bum! (And happy belated birthday, Inez!)

Lulu was very dry this morning, so I watered her again. A sprig of flowers had fallen off; I carried it into the house and put it on the kitchen counter. All three cats immediately surrounded it, sniffing and chewing. This confirms my instinct that Lulu should stay outside!

And in other medical news, this week's Grand Rounds is up. I'm delighted to be included, especially in a fairly prominent spot, although I do wish Doc Emer had included an actual link to my post! But I've e-mailed him about this, and trust that the oversight will be corrected shortly.

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  1. 'So sorry for the faux pas. 'Must be the caffeine in my system.

    It has been corrected.


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