Monday, September 03, 2007

The Thoughtful Thief

Our preacher at church yesterday told a startling story. Her house was burglarized last week: the thief climbed up on a wheelbarrow in the backyard, gained access through an unlocked window, and left through the back door in the kitchen, after having loaded a briefcase on the kitchen table with a laptop computer, jewelry, and coins.

But first, the thief carefully removed from the briefcase the Mother's Day card our preacher's young daughter had given her, and left it on the kitchen table.

That almost sounds like a parable, doesn't it?


  1. It somehow reminds me of a "Police Note" that ran in our local paper a few years ago. Someone had burglarized a home and made off with some little things. But what really annoyed the homeowners is they took pancake mix, made themselves pancakes, and left dirty dishes. They were somewhat less thoughtful thieves I guess.

  2. I had some friends in Reno whose apartment was burglarized. The burglar(s) broke the sliding glass door to get in, but swept up the glass, presumably so that the dog (not a watchdog!) wouldn't get hurt.

    How's Lulu?

  3. It does! The parable of the thoughtful thief.

  4. Not to be a killjoy, but leaving a Mother's Day card behind suggests to me that the burglar probably was related to the family, more than anything else.


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