Monday, August 10, 2009

Yet Another Time Sink

A few days ago, I got yet another invitation to join Facebook. Gary caved in a while ago, but I've stayed away, because I was afraid that if I got sucked in, I'd spend hours there and would get even less done than I get done anyway. In fact, although I'm very fond of various dear friends who've invited me there, I was feeling rather self-righteous about the fact that I wasn't on Facebook. I felt that way before blogging before I started, too.

No, I still haven't joined Facebook. But I have become much more active, perhaps disastrously so, on Ravelry. I signed up months ago, looked at a few patterns and joined two or three groups, and never went back. But in my quest for new and better sock patterns, I revisited the place last week, and since have spent hours downloading free patterns, browsing groups (I now belong to nine, a modest number in Ravelryland), and, yes, getting great sock advice.

My latest project -- as if I need another thing to do! -- is to start a Ravelry group for fiberfolk interested in any aspect of Medical Humanities, especially Narative Medicine or Literature & Medicine. And if this sounds insanely specialized, you haven't browsed Ravelry groups. There's one for people who clean house while listening to their iPods (I swear I'm not making this up). There's one for clumsy people, which I should join but haven't yet. There are zillions devoted to various aspects of charity knitting, and there are a lot of medical groups: for doctors, nurses, patients, physician spouses, med students, medical transcriptionists, and pharmacists, among others.

But to start a group, I need to be able to invite three people. So I've put up notices on various boards asking if anyone else would be interested. So far I've only gotten one response -- although it's early days yet -- so I may not be able to carry through. Which, really, would be just fine, given my time constraints! But if you're on Ravelry and interested in MedHum, give me a shout, okay?

The good news is that last night and today, I got a lot of work done for my freshman comp course this fall, which will be about, you guessed it, Narrative Medicine.


  1. Yes, Ravelry is such a massive timesuck. For me its worse than Facebook. When I first joined I found I spent *less* time knitting and more time just looking at all of the patterns and projects!

    Now that I'm in grad school (again!) I try to use it more as a resource than anything else. But its still a fantastic site! I'd be interested in your group as well.

  2. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Feel free to invite me (redfish) to your Ravelry group. I can't promise I will always be really engaged, though. My ravelry activity goes in spurts. I will spend tons of time there for awhile and then go months without checking in much at all. Right now I have several projects to update and add, but haven't gotten around to it. I am interested in narrative medicine, though -- at least as a reader. I am not a very good writer.

  3. Ravelry sounds like some quilting sites I've been connected with. But most of my online quilting group have migrated to Facebook. As have my kids. And my nun friend. Seems like I may have to give in if I am going to know anything about what is going on around me.

  4. Katney -- I know what you mean! And Jill and Heather, thanks! Heather, what's your Ravelry username (so I can invite you)?

  5. Anonymous6:51 PM

    susan, please become more selective of your time. you have so much more to offer our larger community and world -- i know you enjoy connections, but please be cautious.

    trust me. i feel all of us are inticed by by this "stuff", but not everyone has your gifts.



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