Monday, August 03, 2009


I'm stalled on TSWP -- I keep reworking the same few pages and don't have much of a sense of what comes after them -- so I stopped working early tonight and settled in with knitting and two episodes of Dollhouse, which we're watching on DVD. It's gotten mixed reviews, and I was uneasy with the misogyny of the early episodes -- especially from Joss Whedon! -- but Gary and I are both liking it much better now. It's gotten complicated and morally ambiguous, and the characters have become more three-dimensional (as one would expect of a Whedon project). It's not Buffy or Firefly, but I'll happily keep watching.

Teal Sock #1 is a few inches from completion. I'm pretty good at toe-up toes now, although I'm still having some trouble turning heels. Wraps are a confounded nuisance, so for this pair of socks I'm using a technique without wraps. The problem is that you still have to count stitches, and for some reason I always lose track unless I use markers, which is also a confounded nuisance. I just found another method that doesn't eliminate the need for counting, but still sounds pretty easy, so I may try that on the next pair.

I'll probably do one more pair for me to see which method I like best, and then start a pair for Gary. The goal's to master heels so he doesn't have to deal with holes and bumpy bits!

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  1. Being stalled must be frustrating, Susan. Is there anything I can do to help? Prayers are ascending for a vision or a really good clue for you of what comes next.



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