Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If You Want God to Laugh . . . .

. . . tell people how much your sock-knitting skills are improving. Then happily turn a heel, only to find that somehow you've produced a lopsided heel, a Quasimodo heel. Rip it. Start the turn over. Get into enough trouble that you have a blankety-blank gusset hole where none should be, although you've at least managed to progress to the ankle. The gusset hole can be fixed: still, it's a set-back, and this sock is much less lovely than the first.


Gary, bless him, isn't bothered by this: they're utilitarian hiking socks anyhow.

In happier news, this morning I gave a presentation on Narrative Medicine to an over-50 adult education group in town. I've spoken to them before, and they're a lovely audience. This class went especially well because I asked the students to do a writing exercise, and three of them came up to the mike to share what they'd written. We were all blown away by what they read. These were very personal, very brave pieces -- incredibly moving and well-written -- and I felt really good about having helped facilitate their creation. That's awkwardly phrased, but I think you know what I mean! Anyhow, it was a great experience.

After teaching that class and two others today, though, I'm tuckered out! And so to bed!

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