Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Socks Only Their Mother Could Love

Well, here's the first pair of socks I've made for myself. They have more mistakes than you can shake a DPN at, and I won't be wearing them anywhere except in the house, with slippers, but they sure are comfy. Among other things, I've learned that suspended cast-off is definitely the way to go! (This is why the top edge of one sock looks different from the other.)

I tried to take these against a Bali background, but he was very alarmed and ran away. Harley only looks disapproving. Cats always add interest to photos, yes?


  1. Sock it to me baby!! sorry couldn't resist hehe.. well done you, they look very comfy xx

  2. Well, all mistakes aside Susan, I love the color you chose and, when I clicked on the picture to see it enlarged, I liked the edge of the left sock. Hope that was the one you meant was better.



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