Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cool Stuff/Warm Stuff

My friend Inez and I just chatted via video -- a first for both of us -- on Skype. It was great fun, and seems like a great way to stay in touch with people. I have to badger my sister into getting a webcam. (And Lee, do you have a webcam?)

In other news, yesterday I gave a brief presentation at the medical school and saw a friend who has a friend who's going into a surgery residency, and who did a fourth-year anatomy elective (which is, I believe, what Dad's body was used for). In addition to reviewing anatomy, the students prepare slides of delicate structures like nerves for study by the first-year class. So Dad may be immortalized in medical slides. I told my friend to try to find out, and if possible, to get pictures of his slides for me.

Inez groaned when I told her this. "Omigod! Susan's showing her slides again!"

"Look: Dad's ganglia! Isn't this thrilling?" We laughed, and I said, "Worse than vacation photos!"

As you can tell, we have similarly warped senses of humor.

And speaking of warped, I finished Gary's first sock, which is -- alas! -- a bit too loose. I was so scared that the sock would be too tight that I overcompensated. I've just started the second one, and when the pair's done, we'll try shrinking them in warm water, although since the yarn's superwash wool, it probably won't work. I'm sad, but resigned. This is a learning process, and the next pair will be better.

And now back to class prep.

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  1. Alas, Susan, I am cameraless on the computer. It is on the future purchase list but I don't expect to see it till sometime next year.

    I do have a few ways to instant message but don't do texting on my cell phone either. So if you wanted to message and had some form of instant messaging software on your computer I'd be glad to hook up that way. My machine has Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. I'm also willing to consider installing other software to stay connected with friends as good as you. :-)

    Had an awesome Sunday. Assoc. Rector's sermon hit all the right buttons and I was filled with joy and the spirit during communion and afterwards. Hope your Sunday was an good!



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