Saturday, June 13, 2009

SNAFU Epidemic

I've been having computer problems since I got here. Neither my sister nor my nephew were able to get Sally Samsung to connect to Liz's home network, even though Vera VAIO always did fine (which means that it's not some mismatch between their Mac and my PC). No problem: I'll just use their computers, right?

This evening I'd planned a long post, with lots of photos, about our jewelry shopping trip today, my latest yarn purchase, Mom's condition and my reaction to it (short version: I've fled into comfort knitting), yada yada. But when I tried to use the upstairs computer, it got hung up switching between web pages, so i turned it off and then back on, but it didn't come back: all I got was a blank white screen, no matter how long I waited.

So now i'm downstairs, where the Mac's working, but where I can't seem to sign into AOL. And right now, I don't have the patience to thumb replies on the BlackBerry or to set up the Bluetooth keyboard; I've had it with computers tonight!

So if I owe you e-mail, I probably won't be answering it for a while, unless by some miracle AOL's working when I finish this post. If it's still not working tomorrow, I'll use the Bluetooth keyboard -- thank goodness i brought it! -- but in the meantime, i think I killed the upstairs computer.


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