Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Twelve Years in Reno

Twelve years ago today, I arrived in Reno. At the time, I didn't drive, didn't attend church, had never owned a house, and had done no significant volunteering.

I'd also never smelled sagebrush, never seen wild jackrabbits and coyotes, never watched weather coming in over mountains, never watched the mountains themselves, changing colors with each passing hour of the day.

A lot's changed, and I'm very grateful to be here.


  1. Well, Happy Anniversary!

    And I'm curious about the not driving thing. Why didn't you? Didn't need to? Fear?

  2. Thanks, Inky! And the answer is: yes. Living in NYC area, I didn't have to, and I was also scared of driving. Now I love it, which is good, since I have to do a lot of it (my husband's unable to drive due to vision issues).

  3. Happy Anniversary, Susan! Sounds like a beautiful marriage of your spirit to that of the desert and mountains that surround you.


  4. Thank you, Lee. Yes, I love desert and mountains. I couldn't live in New Jersey again!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! May the next 12 years continue your wonderful journey.

  6. Congratulations!
    Thanks for making me all homesick!


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