Sunday, June 28, 2009


I got home last night, after a pleasant time in Boston with my cousin Steve, his wife Barbara and their son Scott. (Their younger son Shane was at sleepaway camp in Maine.) They live in Singapore now, where Steve teaches human genetics and computational biology at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, and they showed me a lot of photos. It looks like a gorgeous place, but they warned me that it's extremely hot and humid. When I complained about the humidity in Boston, they burst out laughing and said, "Susan, this is not humid!"

Well, to someone from Reno it is. Also, Singapore's very far away (something like nineteen hours on a plane) and Gary can't stand even three hours on a plane, so I doubt we'll get there anytime soon, although I could go by myself. It would be more fun with him, though. Anyway, it was interesting to listen to their stories. All four of them are certified in SCUBA now; the highlight of their adventures so far has been diving with manta rays.

Speaking of airplanes, it turned out that I had enough frequent flyer points on United to upgrade to first class on my Boston-San Francisco leg (the small plane back to Reno doesn't even have first class). Was that ever the right move! I had plenty of room and good food, and the meal was served on linen, no less. What a treat! Of course, I was using up twelve years of points, so it will be another twelve years before I can do anything like that again. Worth waiting for, though!

This morning I got up early, worked on TSWP, swam, ate lunch, and took a three-hour nap. So much for productivity. I'm delighted to be home with Gary and the cats, but the sight of my chaotic office -- not to mention two long to-do lists -- fills me with dread.

Ah well. One has to come back to everyday life sometime.

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