Friday, June 12, 2009

Purry Kitty

Here's my sister patting George, their largest and most doglike kitty. Note thunderpurr at the end!


In other news, I'm having a nice visit with Mom, despite several "what planet are we on?" conversations. The weather here is vile, gray and humid, although the sun has come out a little today. I've been lazy and haven't been swimming, although I've walked a bit.

My mother pointed out, astutely, that this visit is more relaxing for me than visits have been for the past several years, because Dad's no longer with us. If he still lived in Philly, I'd be travellling back and forth; if he were still in Reno, I'd be worrying about him while I was away. This way, I can just spend time with her.

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  1. Wonderfully purry soundtrak of that happy cat, Susan. Hope the cats are snuggling up to you too cause I bet you miss yours.



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