Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back in NYC

I arrived at my friend Claire's house last night, after a very pleasant trip. In my younger, more frugal, less arthritic days, I'd have taken SEPTA to Trenton and then taken NJ Transit to Penn Station, and then taken three subways to Claire's house. But now that I'm older and creakier, not to mention dragging entirely too much luggage, I decided to treat myself to Amtrak straight from Philly to NYC, followed by a cab to Claire's. Expensive, but totally worth it!

It's wonderful to see Claire and her husband and son again. It's great to be back in Manhattan; I've missed the energy of the city, although I know I'll appreciate the peace and quiet of Reno when I go back home.

My last night in Philly, I fell again -- down the two bottom stairs to the living room -- although I didn't wake anyone up that time! I now have new and interesting bruises. I haven't fallen or walked into anything since getting to Claire's, though, and I hope to remain fall-free for the rest of the trip.

Claire took the day off to hang out with me. Yay! We're going to go to her favorite knitting store, and at 5:00 I'm getting together for drinks with my agent and one of my editors, and at 7:30 there will be a group dinner with old friends I haven't seen for a long time. Tomorrow's lunch with another editor, and dinner with a third (all the editors are also friends). So it's quite the social whirl, but this is exactly the kind of reconnection, both social and professional, that I've needed after months of grief and (relative) isolation, not to mention writer's block. I'm hoping that the reconnections will help get me back into writing mode again. Claire's already helped by listening to me talk about stalled projects, and by demanding to read a piece I've been struggling with.

The knitting knot is now smaller, and I hope to have it resolved entirely by the time I leave Claire's. She points out that the tangle's a good metaphor for my creative life right now.

Gary wants me to take pictures, which I'll post when I have them.

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  1. Our best to everyone; see several of them in a few weeks.


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