Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Fun

Emotions are running a bit high today. My sister got upset at my mother; I got upset at my sister; my mother upset me (night unto tears) by telling me how 'needy" i am; my sister got upset at me, and around and around we go.

We all still love each other, of course. It's not like these things haven't happened before. Everybody's just especially vulnerable right now. Amazing, though, how being back in the bosom of my nuclear family can make me feel like I'm five again.

In other news, the upstairs computer still isn't working. Neither my nephew nor my brother-in-law could get it to reboot today. Everyone assures me that I didn't break it, although it may have broken while i was on it.

Knitting on the ocean scarf was going along swimmingly, so I decided to go back to the previous problem project. After some gnarly rows, i've gotten that straightened out -- I think -- so I went back to the ocean scarf, and promptly wound up with a huge tangle. The problem with rayon is that it doesn't stick to itself the way wool does, so the ball tends to fall apart. I'm keeping it in a ziplock bag with a small opening for the center-pull yarn, but a huge clump got pulled out of the center, and now the clump is completely snarled. I'm trying to untangle it and rewind it on a cardboard tube, but the tangle's proving stubborn. I'll go back to it tomorrow, when I'm feeling fresher and more patient.

So much for comfort knitting!

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  1. LOL Love the sense of humor in your title, Susan! Feeling five again? I've been there. You sound more socially aware at five than I was. Good luck with the snarly snarls. :-)

    First day of my work on the current Pearson project. Hope it goes longer than the predicted 2 weeks.



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