Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy Day

This afternoon, Claire and I went to her favorite yarn shop, where I bought some silk yarn (on sale!), and where we also sat and knit for several hours. I got the knot undone! Yay! We chatted with other knitters about projects, yarn, TV shows, elementary education, and family. It was great fun.

Then I went downtown about thirty blocks to meet my agent Kay for drinks. My editor friend Patrick couldn't make it, but Kay and I had a very pleasant and productive visit. (There may be a new writing project in the works: watch this space for details.)

Then I went back uptown to meet a group of friends for dinner at an Indian restaurant. Someone else took photos -- my camera doesn't work well in spaces that dark -- which I'll post when I receive them. We chatted about mutual friends, books, politics, Unitarian jokes, handling parents' estates, and knitting.

Now I'm back in Claire and Pete's apartment. I'm simultaneously exhausted and wired, and very much looking forward to tomorrow's social whirl.

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