Friday, June 05, 2009

Same Old

I'm a little blue tonight. We've had a great visit with Gary's mom -- who's still blessedly fit, and blessedly herself -- but she leaves tomorrow. Next week I'll see my own mother, of course, but that's likely to be a bittersweet experience. My phone conversations with her tend to be . . . well, strange. She knows who I am, but still makes odd comments indicating that she doesn't quite understand what's going on. She ends every conversation, though, by saying, "I love you, baby."

I told Doris about that, and she said, "I think loving people is the last thing to go."

Meanwhile, I've really been missing Dad these last few days. This afternoon, Gary and Doris and I saw Up, the latest from Pixar. It's a beautiful movie, and the three of us didn't really see it as being a kids' movie, although kids will enjoy parts of it. The first section is about an old man losing his beloved wife, and it's tremendously poignant. The film really captures that sense of half of your life being gone. It made me think of Dad, and I'm sure it made Doris think of her husband Adrian. Also, there's a kid in the film who's mourning his absent father, so of course that got to me. (On a lighter note, the film features the best talking dog ever. Ever.)

Afterwards, we splurged on dinner at La Vecchia, one of our favorite resturants. It was absolutely delicious, as always. I showed Doris some pictures of Dad on my phone, and wound up crying a bit.

When we got home, I learned that a dear friend and spiritual mentor is having cancer surgery next Wednesday. According to her e-mail, it's "probably noninvasive," but the news is still plenty upsetting. She sounds optimistic, but I'm extra-sensitive to potential loss in through here. I guess that's no surprise, huh?

On a brighter note, I've been having fun customizing my Google page. Quote of the day from J.R.R. Tolkien! Art! Poetry! Moon phases! Lotsa news! Feeds to medical journals! Infinite ways to waste time! Yee-hah!

I downloaded Skype today, since Sally has a built-in webcam, but I can't find anybody I know in their directory. Bummer. I'll keep looking, though.

Also, the cats have been extra-affectionate, probably because of our weird weather. It rained again today. A solid week of rain, in Reno? I'm starting to wonder if we should start building an ark. I wore a wool sweater today and was chilly! I think the cats are so cuddlesome because they crave our body warmth, not necessarily because they adore us (although in the world of cats, it's probably the same thing).

Gotta go to bed now. Maybe the sun will be out tomorrow?


  1. You know, when we were young and watching Saturday cartoons those Bugs Bunny and other Cartoons weren't being designed for kids. They were done by adults who thought they were funny. Yet we all grew up on them and learned the lessons we needed to from watching them. So I'm all in favor of not making kids movies too young oriented.

    I'm sorry your friend is sick. I'll had her to my prayer list. Please keep us updated on how her surgery goes.

    If your computer can handle Skype I'm guessing that you have a camera in the frame? Or at least a microphone? That means you can call folks phone numbers. No need for them having a computer involved, although it adds more options when they do. Just tell the computer to dial their phone.


  2. The Skype directory is virtually useless; send people e-mails and ask for their Skype ID, or give them yours.

    And, as Lee notes, in the worst case, you can use Skype as VOIP for something like 3 cents a minute. Rather convenient if you're traveling and short cell minutes.

  3. I'm glad your mother knows you, through whatever veil she's behind in any given conversation, and says "I love you." Hold on to that -- it means so much now and later.

    When my mother was still speaking, but moving around in time, one day she was mumbling about turning a paper in to Sister Bernadotte. I said, "Mom, where are you?" and she answered, "Sister Bernadotte's 8th grade class." I said, "do you know who I am?" and she said, "you're my daughter Inez." So I knew I was still with her.

    Stay strong and take care. And eat some chocolate.

  4. We took Sam to "Up" last weekend and we all loved it. Some film critics are saying that it may finally be the animated film to win Best Picture at the Oscars.

    Incidentally I'm also on Skype.


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