Saturday, December 23, 2006

Would You Like Some Insane Stress With that Winter Break?

I already knew I wasn't going to have much of a winter break this year; in the two weeks before January 8, I need to prep and write syllabi for my two spring courses, collate my own annual-evaluation materials (which, this year, includes wrestling with a new computerized form we're required to use), write a couple of recommendation letters, and read a book I'm reviewing.

After January 8, it will be all Personnel Committee all the time. I'm on the four-person committee that reads the annual-evaluation materials of everyone else in the department (roughly fifty people) and sets merit levels. This is solid, rewarding service, but it's very time-consuming: hours and hours of reading, followed by hours and hours of meetings.

Oh, and starting next Thursday, we'll be attending a chamber-music marathon -- seven concerts in four days -- which should be great fun, but also means that I'll have only the mornings of those days to work (and Sunday morning I'll be going to church, of course).

So this sounds like enough to do, right? Right. I think so too.

And then, yesterday, the first-pass galleys of Shelter arrived. It's very exciting to see actual typeset pages (yes! it will indeed be a realio trulio book!), but this means that I have 574 pages of text to proofread and correct and return -- by January 5. Yikes!

Oh, and I forgot: I'm also preaching on January 7.

So I'm reluctantly putting the sonnet sequence on hold. Tomorrow and Monday I'll be posting Christmas homilies from previous years. I was hoping to post sonnets again after that, but it looks like they'll have to wait. I hope the people who've enjoyed them will be patient and keep checking back, because (if all goes well) I'll be writing another thirty or so. But probably not in the next two weeks!

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  1. That's a lot to get done, but I have every confidence in you. I'll still be here when you're able to go back to sonet writing. And I'll be thinking of and praying for you.


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