Sunday, December 17, 2006

Several Updates

Saint Tim just drove me to my car, and then followed me home to make sure I'd be okay. I got home safely, but the car's wobbling horribly, even at 20 mph -- and making dismal moaning and screeching sounds, rather like a very unhappy ED patient -- so I'm not taking it anywhere else today. I'll do my utmost to have it towed tomorrow, so I don't have to drive to the garage.

Thank you, Saint Tim.

In happier news, Jill from Tachyon e-mailed me yesterday to report that The Fate of Mice will go to the printer on Monday. This means that finished books should be available in late January, right on schedule. Jill's also sent out review copies. She said that Publisher's Weekly had already requested a copy, which she called "an auspicious sign." PW gave The Necessary Beggar a starred review, so we hope they'll like the story collection, too.

And in less formal writing news, writing my ED Christmas Sonnet was so much fun that I've decided to try a bunch of others. I'd love to write a sonnet cycle describing a complete volunteer shift, with one poem per bed (and others for other places where I spend time, like the chapel and the ED waiting room). This is probably overly ambitious, so we'll see how far I get, but I had fun thinking about it. I also enjoyed giving myself a refresher course in different sonnet forms -- Elizabethan, several varieties of Petrarchan, Spenserian -- so the poems won't become too repetitious.

I started writing sonnets when I was fourteen or fifteen, for a high school English class, but have been away from them for years (although I've taught the form to writing students). They're a lot of fun, my version of crossword puzzles or Sudoku.

Of course, I already have too much to do. But hey, everybody needs a hobby.

And on that note, back to internet Christmas shopping!


  1. Laurel10:24 PM

    I am looking forward eagerly to _The Fate of Mice_, especially now that I hear it will be in trade paperback. I can sometimes stretch my budget to cover that, if I trust the author as I do you, although hardback is still out of the question, which is why I am still waiting for _The Necessary Beggar_, too! Anyway, congratulations on going to printing, and I can't wait to see the result.

  2. Thanks, Laurel! But FoM was always slated for trade; Shelter, the third novel, is the one that took me by surprise. And TNB will be out in inexpensive mass-market paper in March.


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