Saturday, December 16, 2006

ED Christmas Sonnet

The inn is on divert tonight, but still
they come on foot, and cannot be denied:
the homeless seeking shelter from the chill,
the frightened rich who won’t be satisfied
until the bloodwork’s negative for heart
attack. “That squeezing pressure on your chest’s
anxiety,” the doctor says, “but start
to exercise. Quit smoking. Stop and rest
when everything’s too much. Be not afraid.”
Next door, the terror’s palpable: a mass
found in the gut, bright images arrayed
on CT scans. “I thought the pain was gas,”
the patient says. His daughter weeps, forlorn.
And up in L&D, a child is born.

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  1. Paul A.8:03 PM

    Ooh. I like it.

  2. Good poem! I'm learning things about poetry from it.

    I'm also learning that you can find out that you are/are not having a heart attack through blood work? How does that happen? I had always thought EKGs told the story. Please educate me?


  3. Thanks, Paul and Lee! Lee: ECG is part of the story, but bloodwork to check for elevated cardiac enzymes is another.

  4. Love your writing, Susan.
    I don't think I have a fever, but you've given me chills.

  5. That is lovely! I envy people who can write a good sonnet.

  6. Thanks, N and TC! I'm going to try to write more hospital sonnets. Stay tuned.

  7. If the measure of a good writer is the ability to conjure up an scene, a feeling, an atmosphere in just a few words, then you are a great writer.

    Sonnets? Shakespeare, eat your heart out! : )

  8. Just now getting back to your sonnets (and much of anything else having to do with blogging). Good work.


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