Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Technical Difficulty

I've added a sidebar section for the ED Sonnets. This will be a long, ongoing project, and folks have responded well, so I figured it might be helpful to have all the links in one place. But Blogger puts the most recent link on top, so the list's reverse-chronological rather than chronological.

Does anyone know how to fix this? The only two sort options are alphabetical and reverse-alphabetical, which won't work for these, and I can't get into the HTML to fix it by hand. This is one way in which the old Blogger was much more convenient!

For the moment, I've added a clunky description to the sidebar itself. But if anyone has an actual fix, please let me know.


  1. Hmm... I haven't switched to the new Blogger yet, so not much help with the sidebar. You could alter the dates on the posts so that the first one is the farthest in the future-- say, Jan 2008 (If you go into Edit Post and then Post and Comment Options, you can change the date.) This way the whole sequence will stay at the top, and you can cause them to appear in any order you like.

    When you're done, I'd suggest posting the whole sequence as an expandable post (you can find the instructions in Blogger's help area if you search on "expandable post"). If you want it to remain permanently available, you could put the permalink for the expandable post in the sidebar.

  2. Thanks! My friend Lee suggested fiddling with dates, too. The problem's that I don't want them to remain at the top, because I do have other things I want to post about (and want easily accessible to daily readers). But the idea of an expandable post when I'm done is very smart: thank you!

  3. Why don't you set up a separate Label for "Sonnets," and move your Labels section higher in the Sidebar? Then, consider renumbering them - or, maybe using letters. So, Sonnet Hospital A would always rank before Sonnet Hospital B. You could add whatever title you really want in the post, but adjust the Post Headline, as it were.


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