Saturday, December 09, 2006

Good News/Bad News

My father's home from the hospital, and seems to be doing pretty well. He's not feeling great, but he has visiting nurses coming by, and housekeeping help several times a week also.

I just got a call about the friend who had brain surgery on Wednesday. None of his friends had heard the biopsy results, which were supposed to be back yesterday, and everyone was nervous. And yes, it's bad news: an extremely aggressive kind of brain cancer (GBM Grade IV, for you medical types). The surgeons think they got it all -- which is something -- and he'll be starting chemo and radiation in a few weeks, with possible clinical trials in the interim.

He's home now, three days after brain surgery, and sent out a long, funny e-mail to friends and family. Amazing.


  1. I have found that the prospect of death is not so dreadful (literally) to those of us who choose to live well, right to the end of this life and the beginning of the next. I hope I shall find that strength.

    Prayers for your friend and all those who love and care.

  2. Thank you, Martyn. Prayers are deeply appreciated right now.

  3. I'm delighted he's home, and will continue to add prayers...

  4. I'm glad to hear that your dad is home. I'll be praying for your friend and family.


  5. Sounds like you have had a lot on your plate lately. My thoughts are with you, your friend and your father.

  6. Thank you, MJ and MM!


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