Thursday, December 07, 2006

RCoDG: The Logo Challenge!

After I posted my "gold star award" yesterday, it occurred to me that gold stars are really awfully generic. I mean, everybody uses them. So then I thought I should try to come up with a specific Rickety Contrivances of Doing Good award (my friend's health club would definitely get one), and from there, it didn't take me long to decide that this blog needs a logo.

Which leads to the question: Just what the heck does a Rickety Contrivance of Doing Good look like, anyway? My initial idea was to find a picture of some sort of Rube Goldberg machine performing a good deed -- feeding a baby bird, maybe -- but that's probably too complicated for a logo (and I couldn't find anything in Google images that even came close to what I wanted). Then I started looking for pictures of broken-down or dilapidated robots doing nice things: no go. Gary found this picture of a makeshift doggy wheelchair, which is awfully cute but won't quite do for a logo, either. And with any existing image I'd be using a lot, there'd be copyright issues.

So, two questions:

1. What should the logo look like?

2. Is there anybody with drawing skills out there who's willing to take a stab at it? I think this one's beyond my modest artistic ability. My nephew's very interested in, and skilled at, graphic design, so I may ask him if he's willing to figure something out, but I'd love to hear ideas from other people, too.


Also, brief medical updates: My friend came through the brain surgery, although there won't be biopsy results until tomorrow. And tomorrow's also when my father's coming home from the hospital.


  1. How bout a pic of one of those plastic birds that bobs its head up and down to a cup of water? Do you know what I mean. You used to find them in Chinese restaraunts when I was a kid. If you don't know what I mean...I guess I just sound nuts.

  2. Behold, the power of the innernets, I found a link:

  3. Hey, thanks, TC! That's an absolutely super rickety creature! Now . . . how can we show him doing good? Hmmmm . . . (feeding a live baby bird, maybe?)


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