Thursday, December 14, 2006

Change of Shift. Carnival of Hope. Spa Day.

AC has posted a terrific edition of Change of Shift, the biweekly nursing blog carnival, over at Protect the Airway. My three favorite posts are Marcia's story about leaving a haunted workplace, Blue's beautiful tribute to the many people who took care of her during a long hospitalization, and Marisapan's heartbreaking farewell to a prison patient. But there are many other wonderful posts, too. Head on over for a look! (And AC, thanks for including me!)

Speaking of blog carnivals, today at 5:00 is the deadline for this month's Carnival of Hope. Send me your stories of light in the darkness!

I'm feeling a little lighter myself today, after being completely decadent yesterday. I got up very very very early for my 8:00 appointment with my primary-care doc . . . but at 7:30, just as I was about to leave the house, the phone rang. PCD was ill, so I've rescheduled for January 2. So I sat and chilled out at home until it was time to go to my therapy appointment, where Beloved Therapist once again urged me to see an actual shrink to discuss meds adjustments. BT thinks some sort of multi-drug cocktail is in order. This idea horrifies me, but BT says it shouldn't. I told her I'll think about it if my mood doesn't improve (as it usually does) in January.

In the meantime, we talked about the whole depression-as-invisible-illness problem, and she showed me a fascinating book by a doctor named Daniel Amen, who's used brain-imaging studies to show that conditions often considered purely psychological are physical as well. Among other things, depressed brains don't look like normal brains. Intellectually, I knew that, but it's nice to have pretty pictures to back it up. Amen's website makes me a little nervous, though, because it's so clearly commercial; I know the guy has to make a living, but his site still pushes my pseudoscience buttons. Sure enough, it looks like people who know more than I do agree with me about that. I still like the brain pictures, though.

BT gave me many pats on the back for being so good about exercise; I've been worse this week, but she still says that I'm one of her only patients who makes exercise a priority. So after our appointment, I hied myself to the health club, where I'd been planning to go anyway. When I walked in, I saw a list of available massage appointments, and grabbed one.

I wound up staying at the club for four and a half hours. I soaked in the whirlpool, sat in the steam room, swam for forty-five minutes, baked myself in the sauna, showered, and then had an hour-long massage. Aaaaaaah! Spa day! Bliss!

My massage therapist is applying to nursing school, and told me that the first massage therapists were nurses, because massage is so effective for pain relief. I hadn't known that, but it made sense.

After Spa Day, Gary and I went out for pizza (cheeseless, in my case) with friends. Then we came home and watched an episode of Rome. It was a very nice day.

Today's to-do list: Grading. Shopping. Picking up Gary's relined jacket from the fancy-fur place. Working on Carnival of Hope.

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