Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday Miscellany

1. Last night's hospital shift was low-key and satisfying, neither too busy nor too quiet. A lot of patients requested prayer, which always makes me feel useful, and I also got to do a bit of Girl-Detective stuff: going online to help a patient find an AA meeting, helping medical staff try to track down the family of a patient who couldn't communicate very well. The staff hadn't been able to find ID or anything containing phone numbers in the patient's personal effects, but I spotted a doctor's note written on a prescription pad and said, "So if this is the patient's doctor, maybe we can get info that way?" I don't think that lead ultimately panned out -- although the staff did finally reach the patient's family -- but the medical folks thanked me and pursued it, so I felt as if I'd been of some value. And I got the chance to pass along a compliment: last week, the spouse of a patient in very bad shape, someone who'd been in the hospital before, sang the praises of a nurse who'd been kind, competent and caring during a previous crisis. That nurse wasn't working last Sunday, but was last night, and I remembered to share the story. I think it made the nurse feel good. I know it made me feel good.

2. Speaking of chaplaincy, today my friend Claire e-mailed me this New York Times article about workplace chaplains. It includes some moving chaplaincy stories, and also mentions Storm Lake, Iowa, where my friend Inez lives with Rickie the Wonder Dog and her two cute cats.

3. Speaking of two cute cats, I submitted my cute-cats-pix post to Carnival of the Cats, where Harley and Figaro are now in good company with many, many other adorable cats. We got your fur fix right here!

4. Speaking of blog carnivals, please don't forget that the deadline for the next Carnival of Hope is Thursday, December 14 at 5:00 PM PST. December's theme is "light in the darkness." Please e-mail your submission to SusanPal (at) aol (dot) com, and please remember that I'm looking for personal stories. I've been getting a lot of submissions from slick, semi-commercial "inspirational" blogs, and while some of those posts are worthwhile, that blog genre in general makes me a little nervous. I'd really love to have more material from just plain folks, you know?

That's it for now. Have a good Monday!

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  1. I'm sure that nurse appreciated that...

    Its so great when people come back to say thanks, but with most up us working 3-12s a week, we often miss the patient coming back...


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