Friday, December 15, 2006

Tickled Pink

Yesterday, I got e-mail from the founder of Grand Rounds, Dr. Nick Genes of Blogborygmi, asking if I'd like to host Grand Rounds sometime. He said they've never had a chaplain host.

This made me ridiculously happy, and I told him I'd love to, but not until next summer, when I have more time. Putting together Carnival of Hope just about does me in, and that's a third the size of Grand Rounds. I've been doggedly contributing to Grand Rounds for a couple of months now, but I haven't felt like a "real" medblogger -- more like a wannabe camp-follower -- so validation from the Father of Grand Rounds himself was lovely. Made my week, it did. (Astute readers of this blog will have discerned that I struggle just a little with Impostor Syndrome.) I just hope Dr. Genes wasn't too disgruntled that I put him off for six months.

In other news:

Grades are almost done. Yay!

Christmas shopping is started. Yay! (We're spending entirely too much this year, but never mind.)

We haven't yet spotted the perfect baby black female kitty to adopt, but when we do, she'll be ours.

We watched two more highly entertaining episodes of Rome tonight, including the one that introduces Cleopatra.

On a more ambivalent note, I haven't written in my blessings journal for several weeks now, and I'm well past the point where I can fill in the missing days. I've written a daily entry for almost ten years, so this is a little disconcerting, but I find that I'm not feeling the need now. I don't know if that's good or bad; I hope I've internalized the looking-for-blessings thing enough that I don't need to keep documenting it. Gary thinks the blog is serving pretty much the same purpose, and he may be right. (This entry is certainly doing that, anyway.)

And now to bed!


  1. Wow! Congratulations! Bet you float for a week on that one. (g) I hope you will post about the steps you go through to create one of these monthly massive listings.


  2. Lee -- CoH, you mean? Well, it's not that mysterious. I get a bunch of submissions, I figure out which ones I want to use, and then I harvest the links (which is especially easy when people use the BlogCarnival submission form, which provides a handy-dandy block of code). The hard part is writing the narrative around the links and trying to make the carnival seem like a coherent whole, instead of a random list.

    Some carnival hosts just do lists, but I prefer narratives.

  3. I remember when I got the e-mail from Dr. Nick. Of course, he told me that either I had the opportunity to host 10 days later (EK!), or wait 3-4 months later. That was a tough snap decision. I always wanted the opportunity to host, but didn't want to do a bad job with so little time to put things together.

    You will definitely to a great job being GR host. I read through a little bit of CoH and I was impressed on how you put things together. So, you'll be fine for Grand Rounds.

    I also have that "pseudo" med blogger syndrome. In fact, one of my first posts was titled, "This is not a Medical Blog." Oh well...

  4. Thanks, Dr. A! But you're, like, a doctor. I'm not. (Well, I am, but I'm not a medical doctor, and my PhD isn't in a remotely medically-related field.)

    It's good to know that MDs feel this way too!


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