Thursday, September 28, 2006

Questions, and a Reminder, and a Link

I've had Vera VAIO since last December. Yesterday, I plugged her in to recharge her battery after the flight, but it would only recharge to 84%. It stayed at 84% all day. I was very annoyed; I thought the $200 battery had died on me and that I was going to have to buy another, less than a year after buying the computer.

But today, the battery charge is back up to 100%. Weird! Does anyone have an explanation for this?

Also: I'm trying to track down one of the latest cover versions of The Kinks' song "Better Things." I've recently heard it on the radio as a bright, bouncy pop tune sung by a female vocalist, and I'd like to find that version so I can buy or download it. Does anyone know the name of the singer or the band?

Also, how does one insert an audio file into a blog so that readers can click and listen? One of the hosts of Grand Rounds did this, providing a soundtrack for the edition, and I'd love to include the latest version of "Better Things" in Carnival of Hope.

Speaking of which, remember to get your submissions to me by 5:00 PM Pacific Time on Thursday, October 12!

And, finally, the mass-market paperback edition of The Necessary Beggar is up on Amazon for pre-order! All the same words as the hardcover, at a fraction of the price! Although you will have to wait until March to read it.


  1. Dar Williams does a song called "Better Things" that's listed as being by Ray Davies. "Here's wishing you the bluest sky, and hoping something better comes tomorrow...." It's on her "The End of Summer" album and also on "Out There Live."

  2. Thanks! But I know the Dar Williams version, and it's quieter and more folky than the one I'm looking for. The one I'm thinking of sounds kind of like the way the Go-Go's would do the song, except that I think there's only one female vocalist.

  3. My PDA recently told me its charge was 78%, even though the light said it was fully charged. Then it went back to 100%.

    Don't think about it. If we start complaining the machines will just decide they don't need us at all.

  4. My cell phone battery does this. It says it has finished recharging. I unplug it and open it up and the charge shows something like 80%. If I close the phone and reopen it then I see 100%. Maybe your Vaio is doing the same thing?


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