Sunday, September 03, 2006

In Which We Begin a Movement

Velma e-mailed me to report that she and her partner Soren decided to copy my idea of keeping a daily blessings journal. Velma posted about this on her LiveJournal, and now other people are doing it too.

Bwah hah hah! Yes! The World Domination Through Disgusting Cheerfulness project continues apace!

To be fair, I should acknowledge that the idea wasn't mine; I stole it from some women's spirituality book I read a million years ago, and I'm sure it was around in lots of forms before that. And that reminds me: I haven't written in my own blessings journal since Thursday. That's about as long as I can remember my daily lists of blessings, so I'd better get back to it!

Speaking of blessings, we had a lovely last day in San Francisco. We went for a long walk on the beach, which was very pleasant even though the fog hadn't burned off yet. I always find sea air very healing, and I love watching dogs romp in the waves. After the beach excursion, we did some window shipping in Noe Valley, and then had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Basil Thai.

Tomorrow we have to drive home, which may be quite the ordeal. For one thing, the eastbound lanes of the Bay Bridge are closed, which means that we have to take the longer route over the Golden Gate. We're also hoping the car's okay: the "service engine soon" light came on when we were driving here, even though I had the car serviced last week and was told it was fine. When we got to the hotel, I called my garage, and they said, "If it's handling okay, don't worry; you should be safe to get home to Reno. But bring it in as soon as you get back here."

All prayers and other wishes for safe, smooth travel will be much appreciated!

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