Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bits o' Good News!

So I'm feeling Disgustingly Cheerful again this morning, although it may not last long. (Among other things, I've now embarked on the Excellent Adventure known as perimenopause, which may make my moods even flakier than usual.) Here are some reasons why:

* On Tuesday I handed back my first set of freshman comp papers. I'd expected to give them back today. I told the students, "I've been teaching for almost fifteen years, and this is the first time I've ever gotten papers graded more quickly than I expected to, and that's because they were so much fun to read." Go, frosh!

* Yesterday, the copy-edited manuscript of The Fate of Mice arrived, further proof that it's really going to be a book! Woo-hoo! Oh, by the way, if you're a Famous Writer reading this -- or more famous than I am, anyway, which doesn't take much -- and you'd be willing to give a blurb on the book, could you please contact me privately? We have a couple of blurbs, but we're looking for more. I hate asking people to do this, but it's a necessary part of the process.

* Last night I discovered that I'd gotten a bunch of Carnival of Hope submissions (deadline: 5:00 PM today!) that I hadn't known about. BlogCarnival was supposed to e-mail them to me, but they hadn't come through, even though the site has my correct e-mail address. So I e-mailed the support team to describe the problem, but I figured nothing would happen, because I've had lousy luck with the support teams at websites. I e-mailed TTLB three times to see why I wasn't showing up on their site, and they never got back to me; the same thing has happened a few other places. But this morning, I had several e-mails from BlogCarnival, and they fixed the problem, and the person who did that, Denise, also wrote a really nice note about my carnival. Hey, how's that for prompt, efficient, friendly service? BlogCarnival gets an A+!

So tomorrow, the first Carnival of Hope should be posted, although I expect to be up very late tonight trying to get it organized and written. A new blogging challenge: this is what I live for.

Everybody needs a hobby!

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