Sunday, September 24, 2006

Planet Corn. With Cows.

I had a safe and pleasant trip to Iowa, where there's a great deal of corn. Storm Lake is a two-and-a-half-hour drive from the Omaha airport: we drove through a lot of very green scenery featuring vast quantities of corn. It wasn't as flat as I expected, and the sky and clouds were delightful, but wow: corn! Also, cows.

Storm Lake itself contains a lovely lake, as you'd expect, complete with two lighthouses. The larger of these is in the middle of a cornfield. We walked a little around the Buena Vista campus (pronounced Bewna Vista). From what Inez tells me, it sounds like a very good small school. Among other things, they give out the biggest "Best Teacher" award of any college in the country: a $38,000 cash prize and a semester off from teaching.

Inez also informs me that the local strip club in town is called "The Storm Lake Performing Arts Center." Gotta love it!

I've had a great time catching up with Inez and playing with her dog, Rickie, who's the world's best beagle. On one of the planes, I composed a long post about security measures and other things, but I can't get wireless at Inez's house, and my laptop doesn't seem to want to read her memory stick, so I can't post it tonight (I'm on her computer now). I may post it tomorrow; we'll see.

Right now, I'm in that jet-lagged state where I don't quite know what planet I'm on. Planet Corn. Yeah, that's it. With cows. And one very energetic beagle.

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  1. I heard a news story a couple years ago that said some local governments wanted to ban strip clubs, so the strip clubs declared themselves artist's studios. Men who paid the cover were given a sketch pad and pencils when they entered the place.



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