Monday, September 04, 2006

In Which We Return Home Safely

Our trip back to Reno today was a breeze, even taking the longer Golden Gate route (which has the advantage of being much prettier than I-80 through Oakland). All the heavy traffic was going the other way; we made it home in three hours and forty-five minutes even with the detour and with a rest/gas stop. Not bad!

See, this is another reason I don't like Lake Tahoe: the lemming problem. If you try to spend a long holiday weekend in Tahoe, you'll be stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic the whole way. If you spend it in glorious San Francisco, you'll encounter hardly any traffic at all.

The car behaved perfectly, too, although the "service engine soon" light stayed stubbornly on the entire way. I'll be taking the car to the garage first thing tomorrow morning to get it checked out. I hope they can fix the problem in time for me to drive to my 1:00 class instead of having to get a ride to and from the garage. I was hoping to take the car in today, but of course all the mechanics were off for Labor Day, as is only right and proper.

Happy Labor Day to you all, and thank you for the work you do, whatever that is.

And now I have to start laboring on my class prep for tomorrow!

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